Updated: Jun 19, 2021

I refuse to take a seat and hide ....

I was the girl who watched the other girls be freely be themselves, dance and laugh, be spontaneous, flirt with the boys.

I was the girl who observed others shyly, was quiet, ashamed, built barricades around me.

I was the girl who was told she would never go to college, let alone graduate.

I was the girl who was told to shut up that no one cared what you thought.

I was the girl who was criticized and taunted for saying “No” and told “no wonder no one loves you”,

I was the girl who when sharing my dreams was criticized, “who do you think you are?”

I was the girl too scared to be vulnerable, too scared love, too scared to chase my dreams, too scared to fail.


I am the Woman who found her self.

I am the Woman who can be found dancing in her kitchen, the grocery store.

I am the Woman who reclaimed her voice and sings at the top of her lungs when driving unapologetically, FREE.

I am the WOMAN who can laugh wholeheartedly, openly, EVEN in public! Not caring about being judged - Self CONFIDENT.

I am a Woman who has not only survived but THRIVES, who knows her dreams, FEELS her dreams and is going after them - no longer satisfied with playing small.

I am a Woman who has made it her mission to lead through vulnerability.

I am a High Priestess who’s done her work in the shadow and the in light.

I am a Woman who uses her sorrows and wisdom as her super power to help empower others.

I am a Woman who still is in touch with her inner little girl, compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic to others.

I am a Woman, who because of those unfavourable circumstances has become strong enough to take another’s hand and walk with them on their journey, supporting them without judgement.

I am the woman I was truly meant to be, and no you can no longer pretend you own me. Because today I am unapologetically, unshakeably, and whole heartedly me.

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