It Takes A Village...or in our case a Trinity.

It takes a village they say, and I agree! However, in our case the village is our Trinity.

Many things we can do alone, that’s true. But when it comes to healing this is what I've found works best.

The Trinity of @samantharaeklein @reclaiming.paula & myself, @sarah.e.irwin, work together to help others heal their heart, minds, bodies soul & energy.

We’re unique because we’ve done and continue to do the deep work ourselves, knowing it’s never truly done and ever evolving.

Sam’s specialty is helping your soul find peace through healing the generational wounds. By connecting to your ancestors Sam infuses breath work, movement, channeled messages and her wisdom to help you remember your worthiness, your birthright. She is the embrace you've longed for, the energy that soothes the soul, and the compassion which holds you safe during your reawakening.

Paula changes lives with her individualized counselling and coaching sessions. She brings in a plethora of knowledge and experience helping you release trapped emotions, traumatic experiences and body pain with movement, awareness, Somatic Therapy, Theta healing & energy work. Paula's a soul who's been in the traumatic emergence of a emotional collapse and now uses her lived experience to effectively, compassionately and safely guide transformations.

Sarah brings into play her years of experience with energy work and the workings of the human body. She shifts your energetic field and central nervous system out of flight, flight, freeze or fawn to assist you in releasing grief, pain, entities, anxiety & stress. Her ability to gently transition you through challenging life phases, empowering you through ascension or facilitating life’s should’s is where her wisdom lies.

If you’re going through a period of dis-ease or desire more peace both inside and out. Please reach out. We’re here to remind you how worthy, strong and supported you truly are.

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