A Love Letter to the Single Momma's During this Pandemic...

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

"All the single Momma’s, all the single momma’s, all the single Momma’s... put your hands up!"

Dear Momma's, I FEEEEL you.

I feel your frustration from the abrasive disruption in routine.

I feel your lack of sleep and sanity from worry and grief.

I feel your title wave of anger followed by the tears of guilt for losing your temper.

I feel your stress, figuring out how to get groceries and run errands, being told "only 1 person per family limit" is an overwhelming task.

I feel your exhaustion, the constant house work, the running, the bills, the emotional, physical and mental support trying to be both parental roles with no break was not what you signed up for.

I feel your worry in the dark hours of the morning; scenarios constantly playing, worrying for their health and what will happen to them if they or you get sick.

I feel how you’ve become the punching bag and emotional garbage can taking the lashings from the exhausted kids, emotionally frustrated kids, the sad kids, the anxious kid, the kid begging to see their grandparents and friends.

Find comfort in knowing..

It’s ok to not be be on your game all the time.

It's ok to feel angry, disappointed, guilty, frustrated - sooo incredibly frustrated.

It's ok to be sad, lonely, devastated, to feel abandoned, and endlessly question your choices and actions.

It's ok not to know how you feel.


You are allowed to be happy, proud, strong, confident, empowered, successful, rich, AND loved while in a pandemic.

You are allowed to love being at home with your kids despite others desperately needing alone time.

You are allowed to need that alone time.

You are allowed to be in survival mode, eat junk food and have unlimited screen time.

You are allowed to shine your beautiful soul regardless if you're sporting a tie-dye sweatsuit or a vintage ball gown.

Parenting is not a straight road, nor does it fit into a small box. It is an individual road, one that’s bumpy as hell, full of ebbs and flows, joys and sorrows, curve balls out of know where.

From this Momma to all the Mommas out there, YOU are doing an AMAZING job. I see you, I feel you, and I applaud you. Keep going SuperMom’s, we've got this!

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