My Worst Mother's Day

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Mother's Day is supposed to be the miraculous day of rest, feeling loved, ease, appreciation. Well, what happens when reality strikes and instead it becomes a day of chaos, disruption, tears, and shame?

This past Mother's Day I rode the guilt/shame train hard. I felt as though I was failing as a Mother and parent. I remember the rage boiling up, my patience being demolished and the tears roll down my cheeks. As I watched all these other social media Mom's with beautiful families, families with two parent figures, families with a support community, I sank further into victimhood, "why me". What did it do to deserve such a crap day?

I locked myself in the bathroom to cry and reflect and came to realize...

This has been the most challenging Mother’s Day yet.

Maybe it’s the moon, maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s the accidental sugar overload. Regardless the struggle has been real, and thats ok.

Today was full of fights, kids being up to an ungodly hour (well, well past midnight), kid #2 made them self an icing hockey helmet (neon pink at that) the other tossed their dinner on the floor, everyone crying, followed by a 180 turn and minutes later everyone cuddling.

We’ve had two pretty nasty wipe outs on scooters within seconds of each resulting in me trying to cary two kids and two scooters home. And more often then not I’ve doubted myself as a mom and parent.

As I shoved another cupcake into my mouth while sitting on the kitchen floor today, I remembered we Mom’s are only human.

We’re not going to have our shit together at all times

We are going to need our space

We’re going to screw up

We will lose our temper

We will cry

But at the end of the day we will LOVE.

Moms are Super but they don’t need to be super all the time.

So today I invite your to allow yourself to take a break. Give yourself compassion and remember you are loved.

*This is not a pity post but a reminder that although many are positing their parenting highlight reel that those posts are not an everyday reality.

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