Wellness In The Willows

Join us for a weekend of coming back home to Self as we gather under the majestic willows, beside the trickling stream, in the beautiful countryside of Huron-Kinloss. 

Indulge yourself with our most sought after services such as luxury facials and massage while immersing in meditation, yoga, & a variety of fun workshops. 

Our lunches are locally sourced, and catered daily.

Retreat runs daily 9:00am-5:00pm

Locally Sourced Meals & snacks

catered daily by our Holistic Nutritionist Hannah.

Location: Willow & Ren in Ripley, Ontario


Pamper Package  $554.00 

Includes 3 spa treatments (luxury Facial, Hot Jade Stone Massage, Intuitive Energy Healing With Spirit Messages, Meals, Access to Grounds & All Workshops, Paint Party With Megan.

*Flexible payment plans available

* ONLY 2 Pamper Packages Left! 

Register soon to ensure your spot! 

Weekend Package $314

Includes Catered & Locally Grown Meals and Snacks, All Workshops, All Retreat Activities, Paint Party With Megan, Access to the Grounds. 

Day Pass $157

Includes Catered & Locally Grown Meals and Snacks, All Workshops, All Retreat Activities, Paint Party With Megan (Saturday Only), Access to the Grounds.

Weekend & Day Passes Now Available.



Dear Friends, this retreat was specially created with you in mind.

It's been a challenging few years, and now it's time to breathe deeply, laugh loudly and be in peace.

Here's What to Expect:

Show up and become embraced by the beautiful rolling country hills. Be witnessed and held as you receive care, sit in community, & awaken your creativity.   

*Upon morning those with pamper packages will check-in to select your 1:1 pampering times.

As your pampering times permit feel free to start your morning with a gentle yoga and meditation class suitable for all ages and abilities. From there we enter into exploration through  workshops and creative classes until lunch. 

After you nourish the body, with a heart healthy catered lunch, take some time to yourself. Head out solo or with a friend to stroll and discover what the rolling hills and trails of have to offer.  

We begin our afternoon with a full tummy and fresh energy! 

Through activities, laughter and play we come together as a group and independently to discover some new found dreams and gifts.

Closing each day together in circle we allow ourselves to ground before heading out. 

For us here at Alternative Wellness, to hold space and witness you during retreat is both an honour and privilege. Whether you are looking for a couple of kid free days to recharge or wish to indulge in the spa services, this retreat has been created from our hearts with you in mind.

We look forward to walking w beside you on this confidential retreat inwards  among the willows. 

Much Kindness Always,

-Sarah & The Alternative Wellness Team