Heart Emergence Retreat

Welcome to the Heart Emergence Retreat page! My name's Sarah and I am so excited to have you join us Saturday October 2nd for a day of reconnecting to our hearts, celebrating our joy & discovering new community.

It is my whole hearted belief that the connection to your heart  is a powerful yet unique and enriching gateway. It is aligning with this portal's power which you create your life, relationships, experiences and dreams.

Why Heart Emergence, Why the Heart?

I remember it vividly, I was standing on my yoga mat in the blazing sun during YTT, bracing myself as an enormous energetic bubble within me rose.

I felt panic set in, knowing this heart rupture would be life changing.

I wanted to run, scream, panic, fall to the ground, hide but something said to pause. I stood, supported by my teachers, took a breath and continued as cued.

Shaking I began stepping into the discomfort of an epic release.


Months before I had left a 10 year relationship. I had taken on solo parenting a 2 year old and 17 month old. I worked two jobs, and was still just barely scraping by both financially, mentally and emotionally.

I began this training feeling incredibly betrayed and alone, my heart shattered, fearful and locked up tight.


As I continued, the bubble spilled out, the sobs began, uncontrollable and painful. I heard the whispers of my ancestors say “It’s all over now, you’re going to be ok.”

Deep breath.

It was in that moment I started to feel my heart re-emerge. I slowly remembered and recognized who I was before life told me who to be.

The rest of training taught me not only about the physical yoga,

but how to play, trust, laugh and bravely reconnect with my heart.

I felt safe in community once again.

Today I invite you to join me as you navigate your own heart.

October 2nd at Blue Heron Retreat Center in Port Elgin I will be hosting Heart Emergence Retreat.



This retreat is specially designed with your heart in mind.

Lets come together and celebrate our hearts journey back home!

Heres's What to Expect:

 I invite you to be embraced with loving compassion, by the rolling country hills. To be witnessed and held in sacred community, workshops, movement, and creativity as we witness our hearts unfolding. 

We start our morning with heart opening gentle yoga and meditation, suitable for all abilities. From there, with our heart chakras open, we enter into community circle until lunch. 

After you nourish the body with a heart healthy, plant based catered lunch, take some time to yourself. Head out solo or with a friend to stroll and discover what the rolling hills and trails of Blue Heron Healing Centre have to offer.  

We begin our afternoon with a full tummy and fresh energy! 

Through activities, laughter and play we come together and work independently to discover what the heart holds, and what's ready to emerge!

To hold space and witness you during Heart Emergence is both an honour and privilege. Whether you are just starting on your healing journey, are a seasoned healer or are looking for a day away, this retreat has been created from my heart with you in mind. I look forward to walking with you and beside you on this confidential journey inwards to the hearts voice.